Barclays Eagle Funding Readiness Programme!

Exciting news is on the horizon for Mavis! We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been chosen to be part of the Barclays Eagle Funding Readiness Programme powered by Capital Enterprise. This incredible opportunity comes at a pivotal moment in our journey as a startup dedicated to crafting smart glasses for individuals with low or no vision. The recognition from Barclays Eagle Lab is a testament to our commitment to innovation and social impact. As we embark on this program, we’re eager to absorb insights, refine our strategies, and

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New home for Mavis

Mavis has found its roots in the heart of creativity – Vulcan Works in Northampton. Nestled among an array of dynamic companies, we’re elated to call this vibrant hub our home. The echoes of innovation resonate through the historic town center, where we proudly contribute to the legacy of progress. As we set our compass to navigate the thriving business landscape at Vulcan Works, we invite you to be a part of our exciting venture. Together, let’s forge ahead into a future where innovation knows no bounds. ???? Mavis

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Born to Innovate: Mavis

Founded in the vibrant month of August 2023, Mavis isn’t just a startup; it’s a movement. Our core idea is simple yet profound: change the world with revolutionary products. We are on a mission to be the guiding light for the 252 million individuals worldwide who need our assistance, our future customers. At Mavis, we believe in the power of innovation to make a difference. With unwavering determination, we aim not just to succeed but to evolve into a beacon of progress—a corporation that echoes in the halls

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Mavis Technologies

Join Us

We extend a special invitation to people with visual impairments! Join us in co-creating cutting-edge smart glasses tailored to your needs. Your input is invaluable, and together, we can revolutionize accessibility. Connect with us today and be a driving force in shaping the future of assistive technology!